ECO-850 Self Propelled Belt Loader

A self propelled mobile baggage and cargo conveyor with unprecedented reliability.

Our 850 belt loader now has eco-tronic control for safe aircraft interface and combines safety of personnel, aircraft integrity, driver comfort, secure handling and high quality. The key benefits are: 

  • Will safely interface with all aircraft up to wide body B777/A340
  • Corrosion resistant chassis on heavy duty axles with energy absorbing collision deflector
  • Conveniently positioned fingertip controls for accurate boom positioning
  • Clear and logical weatherproof controls and instrumentation
  • Effortless and efficient dual circuit braking system and power steering

In Service With

Abu Dhabi Airport Services
Aer Lingus
Air Canada
Air France
Air Mauritius
Air Malawi
American Airlines
BAe Systems
Bahrain Airport Services
Belfast Airport
Birmingham Airport
British Airways
British Midland
Bristol Airport
Cardiff Airport
Cork Airport