CTTT – Cargo Transfer Transporter Trailer

The CTTT is a unique low cost solution to infrequent cargo operations particularly in remote austere locations. This system is immediately deployable and requires little maintenance in service.

Load capacity of 30,000lbs (13,600kg).

A very simple, low cost, low maintenance cargo loader specifically designed to support the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. Currently in service with the Norwegian Air Force and BAE Systems (USA).

Can handle up to three 463L Military pallets, two 125” x 96” commercial pallets plus ULD’s and MSP or equivalent.

Simple mechanical braking system and steel suspension with robust axles and wheels for reliability and low maintenance.

Fixed at C-130 height with simple hand operated hydraulic stabilisers for final levelling with the aircraft ramp and security during load transfer. Diesel powered hydraulic pack option.

Can be towed by any suitable vehicle including small tow tractor, heavy forklift or wheeled loader.

Quick release couplings for hydraulics to enable external hydraulic power from a suitable towing vehicle.

Quick hydraulic connections to enable external hydraulic power from towing vehicle.

18 Inter-changeable drop in trays with Rollers or Ball Transfer units for easy manual load transfer.

Manual pallet stops and lashing points along each side of the load bed for load security.

Robust rubber buffers along the aircraft interface point for aircraft and trailer protection.

Fold in, removable walkways and handrails for rapid preparation for transportation and approved tie-down points for securing the trailer once loaded.

Can operate in extreme climatic conditions from -30˚C to +50˚C.

Road lighting with additional marker lamps.

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